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The Beginning

We must start by accepting God's word as the basis for all that we believe. Jesus must be the cornerstone of our faith. Without him there is no salvation. Without God's word there is no hope of understanding what God expects of us. To live a victorious life you must accept Jesus as your saviour and live according to his word. What is the true word of God? In Psalms 12:6-7 God tells us that he would preserve his word. "The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever." We have the preserved word of the Lord today through the copies we have in Hebrew and Greek.

Is the King James Version of the Bible Perfect?

The Kings James Version (KJV) is the only major version of the Bible I know of that seeks to honestly translate the honest copies of scripture into English. It is based on the majority of texts that we have whereas other actual translations are corrupted translations of the legitimate copies of the scriptures that we have or are based on the corrupted occult influenced work of Wescott and Hort. We should use the KJV because it is very accurate. The KJV, however, is not the preserved word of God. God said he would preserve his word. He did not say that he would preserve it in all languages. Because the KJV has errors in it, we know that it is not the preserved word. It is very close. It is not inspired, inerrant or infallible. Most people in their lifetime will never study it enough to know the difference, but it still has errors.

What About Other Bible Translations and Versions?

Why should we care about what version of the Bible we use? The issue of which version to use is quite controversial today. If different versions disagree with each other at least one has to be wrong. If you are using an incorrect Bible you need to change. Examine the evidence and decide for yourself. I believe the King James Version is the best version. It is very good but it is not perfect. God said he would preserve his word. That has been accomplished through the Hebrew and Greek copies that we have today. While the modern translations are based on some good intentions and some bad ones, the end result is not acceptable.

Is the Septuagint Accurate?

The Greek translation of the Old Testament known as the Septuagint is not the inspired, infallible, inerrant, preserved word of God. It has errors and is inaccurate.

What Sources Should We Respect?

Over the years other non-Biblical teachings have polluted God's word. Who should we trust and to what extent? How do we know what is right? Should we follow people blindly? Does the Bible tell us enough to live our lives? What can we learn from God's holy word?

What About Tradition?

Some groups teach tradition over the actual word of God. May it never be. Tradition has been applied to locations where Jesus was supposed to have walked and taught. It has been used to interpret scripture and even change the meaning. Tradition is the reason for ceremony. Tradition binds men in sin and blinds their eyes. Typically I hear churches and their members say that they go by the word of God and not by tradition. As it turns out, they often are strongly rooted in tradition. Compare what is taught to the scriptures. It the two disagree, the tradition is wrong and so are its teachers.

Are Christmas Songs Scriptural?

It doesn't stop with corrupted translations, the attack on God's word continues with church hymns as well. False teaching is found in most Christmas songs that contain lyrics which are fictional, contradictory or wrong. These songs need to have the words changed. If they can't be fixed or corrected, they need to be eliminated. When people make up things about the Bible it's called false prophecy.

Are All Other Hymns Scriptural?

Just because a song is in the hymn book doesn't make it scriptural. You need to think about what you are singing. Compare the song to the Bible. If it disagrees with the Bible change it or don't sing it.

Was Solomon the Author of Ecclesiastes?

Who did God use to write the Book of Ecclesiastes? Some scholars have tried to argue that it was not Solomon or that we cannot know whom it was. The Bible, however, proves that it was Solomon.

Other Teachings About the Bible

Over the years scholars have added their interpretation to Bible in a way to take away from the meaning. Here are some examples.

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