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The Present

The Resurrection

How should we worship today? Many churches worship on Sunday because they believe that Jesus rose from the grave on that day. The real reason churches meet on Sunday is to uphold tradition, not scripture. Jesus could not be crucified on Friday and raised on Sunday. The issue about what happened in the past affects how we live in the present.

Palm Sunday

Tradition has become important to Christian scholars than Biblical truth. The Triumphal Entry is one example. Jesus did not make this entrance on Sunday but instead on Friday.

The Lord's Supper

There is nothing important than the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Because he died on the cross, he washed away our sins. Because he rose, we know it. We are not saved because we take the Lord's supper or communion but instead we remember Jesus' death for us when we partake. We should handle the truth correctly and honor Jesus with our diligence in this matter.

The Lord's Day

The Lord's day is used for an excuse for our tradition today. Maybe we should take another look at what is from the Bible and what man has made up.

The Sabbath

Never mind tradition. Has God really changed work and worship? What does God expect?

Where Is the Land of Cush

The land of Cush is not Ethiopia as most scholars think.

Are Women Preachers Acceptable?

The church today is forsaking God's commandments towards women. Although we are the same from a salvation point of view, there are clearly different roles between male and female in the Bible. Women should not be preachers or teachers over men.

Is Renewing Your Vows a Pagan Ritual?

Pagan marriage ceremonies are now creeping into the church. The "code words" are "Renewing your vows". Is this really right?

A Still Small Voice

Some Christians base their decisions not on the Bible but instead their feelings or a still small voice.

Other Worship Practices

Worship today has other practices that are holding the church back or are displeasing to God.

New Year's

Are we living right today? The church today worships on the wrong day, works on the wrong day, and celebrates the wrong holidays. Even the New Year's holiday is wrong.

Can the Length of Your Hair be Wrong?

The proper hair length for men and women shouldn't be hard to preach on, but pastors are afraid of this one. See what God says about hair.

Are We Required to Say Grace?

Some people are in the habit of always saying a prayer or "grace" before a meal. It is left to appear that if you do not say grace before your meal something is wrong with you. Should we say grace at every meal? What did Jesus do?

Is it Still Wrong to Eat Pork?

God forbade people from eating pork. So why do people eat it today? Did God change it?

Be Still and Know What?

"Be still and know that I am God". People are abusing this verse and taking it out of context. Are you?

God Owns the Title Deed to Earth

Satan does not own the title deed to earth, God does.


Are you really giving a tenth of you income to the church or are you forgetting something?

The Keys of Heaven

The church has the keys of heaven. It appears that what happens in the church happens in the world to a greater extent

Living Today the Right Way

There are things that just aren't right in the church today.

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