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The Future?

Esau vs. Jacob

It has been said the mideast conflict is struggle between the descendents of Esau and Jacob. There's more to it than that.

The Future of the Philistines in Gaza

Isaiah 14 warns of the future destruction of the Philistines in Gaza. Hezbollah, Iran or Syria may strike with sarin, VX or tabun nerve gas.

The Future of Damascus

Isaiah 17 tells us Damascus will be taken away from being a city and no longer inhabited.

A Major War is Coming in Israel

Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophesy about the nations that invade Israel in the future.

Isaiah 18 and the Future of America

Isaiah 18 appears to prophesy the destruction of America. You need to know and understand what is to come. Readers find the mention of "Ethiopia" in verse 1 and assume that the passage is about Ethiopia. The passage is not about "Ethiopia". It's about the nation in verse 2. Is there any other nation that fits this description other than the United States of America? This is so important that it warrants its own web site.

The Four Horsemen

Revelation chapter 6 warns of far more death than what people think of today.

The Red Heifer

The timing of the rapture and the coming of the tribulation have nothing to do with the existence of a red heifer.

The Third Temple

Ezekiel chapters 40-46 refer to the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem not the third future temple as many claim.

St. Malachy

St. Malachy was a false prophet who prophesied about future "popes" from Celestine II in the year 1143 until the next "pope" to be elected. Examine his work. Do not trust what he says about the future.

Rome Means Rome

Daniel chapter 9 let's us know the anti-christ will be of the people who would destroy the second temple. Rome destroyed the temple and Jerusalem in 70AD. What does "Rome" really include?

The Time of the Anti-Christ

Some passages in Daniel are interpreted as history when they really refer to the time of the Anti-Christ.

From Where Does the False Prophet Come?

A false prophet will arise to support the anti-christ. Students of prophecy speculate about who he will be and from where he will come. Some say he will come from Israel because of the phrase "out of the earth" in verse 11.

New Teachings About the Book of Revelation

New teachings have been added about the book of Revelation but are they true? What about clothes being left behind at the rapture? Is the tribulation all about Israel? Will the 144,000 be evangelists like Billy Graham?

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